Matt Zazula and Jim Clarke

St. Mary's Champs!

SAWT Forms

(403) 634-4775


Tyson Rambo and brandie Bennett

June 24-25 2017 champs!

Milk River Ridge

2017 AYA Tournament June 17, 

 Pine Coulee Reservoir


We have a new lake for the kids tourney this year, Pine Coulee Reservoir!!! Once the 2017 entry forms are available, they will be posted below to fill out and send off! Spread the word, its such a great experience for not only the kids but everyone who takes part!

Registration will start at 6:30am

Sausage and Egg and Hot Chocolate Breakfast will be provided at Registration time! 

Fishing hours are from 8:30am-3:30pm

*One Walleye (only walleye, any size) in the livewell at a time, limit is 4 Walleye for the day Tournament*

BBQ supper and prizes to follow!

Thanks to Scott and Tammy Jensen from Freak Fishin and Tours for taking these amazing aerial photos during the tournaments!!!!

Forty Mile


Dustin Knutson and Rob Head

2017 Forty Mile Champs!

Firewood 4 SALE


  • $4.25 / bundle  
  • $250.00 / pallet


  • cord - $200.00
  • ½ Cord - $100.00 (approximately half ton truck) 


  • 14 pallets (840 bundles) - $3570.00 
  •  12 cords - $2900.00

Delivery over 100km and re-stacking fee for large orders No trees were killed. All wood is free standing, cured, and a mix of maple, cotton, willow and poplar **large orders are always negotiable**

Please contact:  

Doug – 403–363–5712 

Dave – 403–633–1178 

Letter from the President

It is hard to believe another fishing season is upon us and we are only a few weeks away from opening day, and better yet our first tournament! I hope everyone had a safe and warm winter and are looking forward to getting the boats back on the water!

I would like to start by thanking Brian Eberts, Vice President and Geoff Sanders, Treasurer for all of their hard work over the winter months in planning, organizing and obtaining sponsors. Without the help of the entire committee and many additional volunteer members we would not be able to have such amazing tournaments again this year. I would also like to thank Michelle Wiebe and Carla Johnson in advance for their new role in managing the tournaments from shore this year. They have agreed to take charge of many of the details that make it so hard to be on the executive committee as well as be a competitive fisherman. This not only allows us to fish but will ensure a smooth running tournament and we look forward to the changes these new roles will bring to the trail.

Over the past few weeks we have had many conversations with ESRD and are pleased to announce we have received approval on our CFE’s for 3 spring tournaments again this year. Discussions are still in place for the AYA this year and as soon as we have details confirmed we will update soon as we know you will know! Unfortunately we were unable to obtain approval for a 4th fall tournament this year but are working closely with ESRD’s biologists to secure 4 tournaments for future years. As part of this working relationship we are still required to provide numbers of fish caught and released during pre-fish and tournament dates.  We will be working with all teams to ensure we are providing this information as it is vital to receiving approval for future tournaments.  These forms are available to print off on this page.

This years tournaments will be held at 40 Mile Reservoir (two tournaments) and St. Marys Reservoir.  There will be a strict no culling rule and only one fish in the well at any time. This should make for a fun and challenging tournament season!

As a final note, I would like to give a huge thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers. Without your help our trail would not be possible.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone for another great season!

Dave Jones

SAWT President


SAWT Anglers/Team Of the Year

Steve Silvernagle


​Darren Harder

​221 Points

2017 SAWT Tournament Dates

Forty Mile Reservoir: May 27-28

CFE #560222

St. Mary's Reservoir: June 10-11

CFE #560218

Forty Mile Reservoir: June 24-25

CFE #560220

​It is with deepest sorrow that we inform everyone on the passing of one of our loyal SAWT members, Dave Quinlan. Dave was a great husband, father and to most of us a great friend. To show appreciation for one of our own, there is going to be a "Sportsman of the Year" award handed out at the end of each season in honor of Dave, you can cast a ballot at each tournament for whom you would like to nominate!

2015 Tournament Dates:

Chin Lake Res:  May 30-31


Milk River Ridge Res: June 13-14


40 Mile Res: June 27-28


St.Mary's Res:  Sept 12-13


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